Yellow-crested cockatoo

Cacatua sulphurea

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Cacatuidae
Genus: Cacatua
Specie: Cacatua sulphurea
Conservation status:
The Yellow-crested Cockatoo has a white plumage; the ear coverts have a pale yellow hue, feathers of the crest of an intense yellow; the undershoots of the wings and tail are yellowish; whitish periofthalmic ring; dark brown or black iris, gray legs and grayish black beak. They measure between 30-37 cm and weigh about 350 gr.
Its natural habitat is present in forested regions and growing areas. It gathers in small flocks outside of the breeding season. And in some places it is classified as a pest in agricultural areas because, in large quantities, it can damage Farmlands.
It is a frugivorous bird (it feeds mainly on fruits). It feeds on sunflower seeds, corn, oats, hazelnuts, fruits of all kinds, insects.
In the courtship period, the male jumps around the female in deep bows and at the same time emits certain lovely sounds, with the bun upright, and then pluck some feathers from each other.

Nest in tree holes. It puts two or three white eggs that are incubated by the two members of the couple for about four weeks The laying, of 2 to 3 eggs, is incubated during the day by the male and at night by the female. The incubation lasts 25 days.

The young remain 2 months in the nest. The chicks are completely plumed after approximately 12 weeks. The couple It keeps the nest unpolluted and the chicks emerge from it in perfect conditions.

The cockatoos mate for life but during the breeding season a male can sometimes be so aggressive about the female that accidentally comes to the death of this one.

Zoológico de Vallarta A. C.

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