Park rules

Vallarta zoo gives you the warmet of welcomes, and whishes for you to enjoy your stay

For the well being of the park and environment, we ask you to respect and behave to the following rules:

* Place all garbage in appropriate containers.
* Do not harm any local flora.
* Do not feed the animals any non-approved food.
* Do not injure or molest the animals.
* Do not enter with any alchoholic drinks, drugs, glass containers.
* Do not enter with any food.
* Do not use any music devices, skateboards, bicycles, skates, scooters, or balls (and other miscelaneous objects) while in the park.
* Do not invade any service areas, hostels or animal handling areas.

Those who do not comply with these restrictions will be expelled from the park and/or turned over to the authorities

Zoológico de Vallarta A. C.

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